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Black Lacquer作品 | Caitlin Murray,曼哈顿海滩的现代建筑

      Nothing is more exciting and challenging than starting from scratch, which is the idea of this new building. The place where sand was first started quickly became a bold and refined combination of modern minimalism and minimalism.        各种设计风格和时代以精心策划和编辑的方式共存是关键。这个住宅的光滑结构强调干净的线条,明亮的白色墙壁为颜色和意想不到的美学选择提供了最佳的画布。
      The coexistence of various design styles and times in a carefully planned and edited manner is key. The sleek structure of this home emphasizes clean lines, and the bright white walls provide the best canvas for color and unexpected aesthetic choices.        由于这个空间是一个年轻的家庭居住,形式和功能同等重要。主要的设计作品既舒适又赏心悦目,给人舒适干净的视觉体验。
      Since this space is a young family, form and function are equally important. The main design works are both comfortable and pleasing, giving a comfortable and clean visual experience.        室内组合了大胆的色调,超大的抽象画,丰富的木制书柜,雕刻的配件汇成了凝聚力的颜色。复杂的创意空间支持复杂的创意年轻头脑和无限的机会,让我们的想象力回到最异想天开的岁月。
      The interior combines bold tones, oversized abstract paintings, rich wooden bookcases, and sculpted accessories that merge into cohesive colors. The complex creative space supports complex creative young minds and unlimited opportunities, allowing our imagination to return to the most whimsical years.


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