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Biasol作品 | Kitty Burns,宾至如归的空间

       Biasol为了创造一个让Haven公寓大楼居民感到宾至如归的空间,我们在这个空间中引入了斜屋顶设计,采用了可用的自然光,并选择了能够与周围的Yarra相辅相成的设计元素 弯曲。
      In order to create a space where Haven apartment residents feel at home, Biasol has introduced a sloping roof design in this space, using natural light that is available, and choosing a design element that complements the surrounding Yarra.
       我们发挥了Kitty的一个俏皮一面的想法,而Burns是一对更有纪律的人,这种对比反映在设计的每一个元素 - 苍白的绿松石瓦片与强大的架空结构形成鲜明对比,而斜屋顶设计特征的简洁线条是 排列在不同的高度,以创造类似的并置感。
      We played Kitty's playful idea, and Burns was a more disciplined person. This contrast is reflected in every element of the design - pale turquoise tiles contrasted with a strong overhead structure, while the oblique The simple lines of roof design features are arranged at different heights to create a similar sense of juxtaposition.


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