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Biasol作品 | Sussex Taps,高性能工作空间

      The rich family heritage, commitment to quality and technical precision have shaped Biasol's design for the Sussex faucet headquarters.
       我们的第一项任务是在风水顾问的帮助下创建一个高性能工作空间,从而深入了解企业如何运作。从宁静的接待区域,通过一段宏伟的楼梯通往铺满木材的“Celebration Wall”,向Sussex Taps的创始人Nicolaas Johannes van Putten致敬。
      Our first task was to create a high-performance workspace with the help of feng shui consultants to gain insight into how the company operates. From the quiet reception area, through a magnificent staircase to the "Celebration Wall" full of wood, pay tribute to the founder of Sussex Taps, Nicolaas Johannes van Putten.
       国内规模的工作区唤起了家的温暖,温馨的感觉,而该项目的私人办公室则装有黑框窗户,并配有相同的优雅家具。办公室的公共空间和会议室共享一个类似的温暖调色板 - 黄色和橙色调的新鲜混合物被金色木材所抵消。
      The domestic-scale work area evokes the warmth and warmth of the home, while the project’s private office has black-framed windows and the same elegant furniture. Public spaces and meeting rooms in the office share a similar warm palette - the fresh mixture of yellow and orange notes is offset by the golden wood.


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