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Biasol作品 | hart-and-co,舒适的木质

       温暖和舒适的想法通知了家居用品零售商Hart + Co.的这一设计。由于客户和Biasol工作室之间的密切合作,其旗舰店的折后设计结合了澳大利亚木材和洁白的表面,形成品牌系列的背景。
      The idea of warmth and comfort informed home retailer hart + co. of this design. Thanks to the close collaboration between its customers and bias ol studios, the folded back design of its flagship store combines Australian wood and white surfaces to form the backdrop of the brand line.
       优质的澳大利亚家庭用品,玩具,艺术品和家具。该商店独特的木质外立面宽敞而迷人,从国内设计中汲取灵感。丰富的材料 - 木材家具和混凝土吊灯 - 给空间带来温暖和触感。
      High quality Australian household goods, toys, art and furniture. The shop's unique wooden facade is spacious and charming, inspired by domestic design. Rich materials - wood furniture and concrete chandeliers - bring warmth and touch to the space.


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