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Biasol作品 | Gwynne St Studio,现代化仓库改造的空间

      The Crewne Creative Center is a space transformed from a modern warehouse at 10-12 Gwynne Street. Biasol cooperates with the area defined by the beautiful and transparent glass frame and distinguishes it by exposing the custom details under the natural light of the ceiling.
       简短的要求完整性和大胆的注入,将补充周围的环境。 受其印刷生产根源和该地区的制造历史的启发,材料色调保持简单,重点在于高品质饰面。 落地玻璃黑色框架与抛光混凝土地板形成鲜明对比,而石灰水洗层和白色的大理石细节提供了质感。
      Short requirements for integrity and bold injections will complement the surrounding environment. Inspired by the roots of its printing production and the history of manufacturing in the region, the tone of the material remains simple, with a focus on high-quality finishes. The floor-to-ceiling glass black frame contrasts sharply with the polished concrete floor, while the limewashing layer and white marble detail provide texture.



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