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Biasol作品 | Middle South East, 中东特色当代餐饮

       教堂街上的Middle South East餐厅是Biasol对全天候餐厅的无与伦比风格的诠释。 融合当代澳大利亚餐饮和中东特色的款待,其充满活力的美食与充满温暖的大地色并富有层次感的设计相匹配。
      Middle South East on Chapel Street is Biasol's interpretation of an inviting all-day eatery with unparalleled style. Merging contemporary Australian dining with Middle Eastern hospitality, its vibrant cuisine is matched by a richly layered design imbued with warm earthiness.
        食客们可以在主要酒吧,舒适的宴会座位,或放松休闲区就餐,每个区域相互连接,并通过自定义的细节区分。 凭借促进流体连通性和食品服务无缝过渡的空间战略,Middle South East经过精心打造,在任何时候都以慷慨的方式欢迎游客。
      Diners are spoilt for choice – perch at the main bar, cosy up on banquette seating, or relax into casual dining – each zone is connected and distinguished by custom detail. With a spatial strategy promoting fluid connectivity and seamless transitions in food service, Middle South East is carefully crafted to welcome its visitors with generosity, at any time of day.



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