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Baptiste Bohu 新作 | 南京公寓,静谧雅致的休憩之所

      Adriana, the hostess of Nanjing Apartment, is a business woman and an excellent wife and mother. She lives in Nanjing and Los Angeles. She hopes to make this apartment a warm place to rest.
       设计师Baptiste Bohu和Adriana相识于好友的晚宴上。Baptiste非常欣赏她的性情,她真诚而热情,总是带着微笑,充满善意。最初的合作始于Adriana箱包品牌上海的展厅。Baptiste很少做展厅或者零售店,但他接受了这个挑战,因为喜欢Adriana她的个性。
      Designers Baptiste Bohu and Adriana met at a friend's dinner. Baptiste appreciates her temperament. She is sincere and enthusiastic, always with a smile and full of goodwill. The initial cooperation began in the showroom of the Adriana luggage brand in Shanghai. Baptiste rarely does showrooms or retail stores, but he accepts this challenge because he likes Adriana's personality.
      When it comes to the design of the apartment, Adriana puts emphasis on the importance of comfort and quality to her, and creates a quiet and relaxing home atmosphere. Baptiste chooses to use natural colors to present unused layers of white, beige, and gray. Different quality fabrics such as silk wall coverings and linen curtains make the space elegant and refined.
      The living room blends different levels of gray. The design of furniture and decoration caters to the original intention of the owner to pursue a simple life.
      The closed balcony at the end of the living room is completely connected to the living room, but Baptiste wants to show a different temperament, and build it into a small sun room with less urgency and more relaxed and comfortable. The choice of the sofa chair not only allows Adriana to work here, but also the tray on the specially designed floor lamp post for a cup of tea after work. The designer also used green plants to create the effect of the sun room. Elegant white silk curtains and Roman blinds provide a comfortable light and shadow throughout the space.
       餐厅的风格独树一帜,与客厅灰色木地板不同的是,餐厅和厨房的地面采用了定制的水泥花砖,引用了Baptiste钟爱的GIO PONTI的图案灵感。为了呼应这个几何元素,Baptiste为定制餐椅设计了全新的面料,来表现水的意向。设计师还在墙面融入了一些带有个人元素黑白摄影作品,主题包括洛杉矶和太平洋,因为Adriana的家在那里。
      The style of the restaurant is unique. Unlike the living room's grey wooden floor, the restaurant and kitchen floor are made of custom-made cement tiles, citing the inspiration of Baptiste's favorite GIO PONTI. In response to this geometric element, Baptiste designed a new fabric for the custom dining chair to express the water's intentions. The designer also incorporates black and white photography with personal elements on the wall, including Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, because Adriana's home is there.


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