B.E Architecture作品 | Park Street Residence,华丽的混凝土与砖块建筑 _ 印际


B.E Architecture作品 | Park Street Residence,华丽的混凝土与砖块建筑

      Park Street Apartments is a story-creating house that displays a layered history. This design is not just a reconstruction. It opened a new life for traditional Victorian houses and created an outstanding home for three generations of residents.
      Neither a copy of the past nor a complete elimination of the original characters, this house has been reimagined to create its own language, containing a time legacy in a changed way. The outer walls of traditional paintings were exposed to expose the original ornate concrete and brick works. Through the repair process, repairs significantly increase the characteristics of the building.
      The interior features a clear decor that references the grandeur of the previous house. Many surfaces were treated with upgraded materials, including floor-to-ceiling shelves, wood paneling, slotted panels on the ceiling, and tile and marble in the kitchen and bathroom.
      Custom details such as a curved cornice and a reduced version of skirts and arches bring history to the interior. Honest, substantive and high-quality craftsmanship help tell stories of the past while supporting modern purposes.


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