B.E Architecture作品 | Winter Street Residence,前卫的维多利亚风格 _ 印际


B.E Architecture作品 | Winter Street Residence,前卫的维多利亚风格

       Winter Street Apartments is a refurbishment and extension of the two-story edgy Victorian style on the winter street of Malvern, serving two professionals with a growing family. Their interest in high contrast and decorative elements has created the character of their home.
      They invested a lot of money in the project and hoped that every detail was correct and attracted the comprehensive design of B.E. So all elements were considered from the very beginning.
      The existing part of the house has been brought back to the three walls and completely decorated in a style that captures the feeling of the original house and reinterprets the details, including curved cornices, French polished doors and painted edges.
      As an example of the B.E architectural integrated design approach, everything from beautifying the environment to furniture collections, customizing projects and cooperating with clients to build a large collection of art collections. The house is located in a landscaping environment, which includes winding planting roads leading to the entrance gate, planting courtyards and front and rear gardens, where we designate plants to change in various colors as the season changes.


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