B.E Architecture作品 | Canterbury Road Residence,形式之间的分离 _ 印际


B.E Architecture作品 | Canterbury Road Residence,形式之间的分离

      Like the natural rocks found in rock formations, Canterbury Apartments consist of three simple structures wrapped in rough lava, forming a contemplative passageway. The separation between the forms became apparent as if they were three large stones that were close together.
      Although the tonal variation of the entire building-scale natural stone has a strong influence, the lava rock used in the building is derived from the volcanic process similar to the bluestone rock used in the streets of Melbourne, so it can be used comfortably in this case.
      Located on a busy street, the facade presents a look, but the interior space is unexpectedly private and looks inward. Mirrored glass protects occupants from neighbors without the need for blinds.
      The smaller city blocks use intensive, uncompromising programs to accommodate the growing family, including a pantry with traditional salamis, lifts for disabled relatives and terraces with pools and barbecues.


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