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B.E Architecture作品 | Armadale Residence,轻盈的建筑

       Armadale三层住宅的整体感觉是轻盈的 - 几乎是阳光在花岗岩外墙上折射而形成的空灵漂浮的质量。这与构成建筑物皮肤的260吨花岗岩的实际情况相矛盾。
      The overall feeling of Armadale's three-story home is light - almost the ethereal mass of sunlight that refracts on the granite wall. This contradicts the actual situation of 260 tons of granite that forms the skin of the building.
      The natural texture and irregularities of the open-faced material blur the hard lines of the stacked straight-line buildings. Although the building is very strong, it sits quietly around it.
      By working together, we can create subtle changes between materials and intricate details, because subtle changes in finish make the same material suitable for different functions. In some places, this needs to consider the atypical applications of the stone, and together with the suppliers to promote custom processing. This is particularly evident in the main bathroom, where custom-made bathtubs and sinks are made of sturdy stones, creating seamless details throughout the project.
      Designed specifically to meet their needs, the rooms include a shared study and a large master suite including a private outdoor shower in a secluded Japanese garden. This is a particularly unexpected detail in the city property.
      Through a holistic approach, the internal multidisciplinary design team took into account all elements of landscaping and interior design in architectural planning. Behind the privacy fence, away from the street, the Fugi Mountain Cherry Grove, with rosemary, welcomes visitors when entering the site. The kitchen and other living spaces will look directly at the low maintenance plants on the terrace.


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