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B.E Architecture作品 | Hopetoun Road Residence,重建历史和永恒

       Hopetoun Road Residence改造和扩建的方法是保留现有结构作为锚定元素,在浮动的铜制屋顶下方增加一系列的亭台,环绕原始建筑。
      Hopetoun Road Residence's transformation and expansion method is to retain the existing structure as an anchoring element, adding a series of pavilions underneath the floating copper roof, surrounding the original building.
      In order to meet the customer's desire to maintain a fairly traditional residential structure, the design is enhanced by creating a clearly contoured gable facade at the front and rear. Covered in polished grey renderings, the gables emphasize solidity and give the house a reconstructed history and timeless feel.
      In contrast, the extension consisting of the copper tape wrapped around the solid structure is softly placed over the embedded glass. As a comparison of the verticality of the facade, the thin monolayer roof line shows a horizontal state. Copperbelts create various spatial experiences that interact with the original house.
      The tension and balance between the old and the new are brought into the interior of the house. The existing structure mainly retains the intimacy of the original house and a series of elaborate details. The new area, mainly made of glass, is open to the green landscape in the distance. Throughout the project, highlighting the use of steel frame windows is a unified element.


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