YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Vesper Tverskaya

    Vesper Tverskaya

    The apartments are in the Vesper Tverskaya clubhouse, designed by the Speech Architectural Bureau in the style of historical buildings.
  • Parc Turo

    Parc Turo

    The integrity of the light-colored wooden floor and lime finish walls create a timeless atmosphere especially with the shapes of the walls.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    The minimalist design style and the use of neutral colors are characteristic of the studio's design, which promotes the functional needs of the occupants while creating a comfortable atmosphere for the space.
  • La Galea

    La Galea

    The La Galea residence was designed and completed by local architectural studio, OOAA, is a continuation of the studio's past design philosophy and style, featuring a minimalist and neutral palette.
  • Alfonso Xii

    Alfonso Xii

    Sophistication for being in the city and warmth for being a home, are the objectives that we do not lose sight of when choosing materials and furniture.
  • Vintage Garden

    Vintage Garden

    Under the idea of“Hit it off”, the manager of jewelry design studio and the designer jointly construct the spiritual creation by the artistic progression.
  • Stone Art Museum-SHEERIN Garden

    Stone Art Museum-SHEERIN Garden

    A period of time precipitation, a kind of charm blooming. Being in the "Indoor Peach Garden", listening to the wind and the moon, enjoying the landscape garden, awakening the beauty of life, and savouring the extraordinary world.
  • Xokol


    Located in the neighbourhood of Santa Tere in Guadalajara, Xokol is a restaurant in which the act of eating becomes a collective ritual.
  • Casa Joane I Pau

    Casa Joane I Pau

    The project wants to put the building's qualities into value. To accomplish this, pre-existing spaces, materials and constructive elements are all altered to integrate them into a new set.
  • Calico Club

    Calico Club

    Calico Club, a high-end fashion retailer in The Netherlands, has  launched a new store that's become a destination for fashion  aficionados.
  • Time · ARD

    Time · ARD

    There are too many good names hidden in the bustling streets of bustling cities now, and those magnificent treasures of the human world are waiting patiently for the destined ones to walk towards them.
  • Paste Dental Clinic

    Paste Dental Clinic

    A boutique, high -tech dental practice with a luxury, hospitality-inspired approach to wellness in close Proximity to toronto’s vibrant fashion and entertainment districts.
  • Yokohama Residence

    Yokohama Residence

    Each of these monochrome materials respond and transform in light.     In this way, they resonate with one another to bring an extraordinary depth to the space.
  • Wanji


    "Wanji" is nestled by the Erhai Lake, concealed in a corner of garden on the east side of the Lake. Its idea is to bring the “bed-and-breakfast”(B&B) back to its roots, which means to keep it simple, natural, cozy and with local characteristics.
  • Villa Koppar

    Villa Koppar

    Nestled amidst rugged exposed rocks and bucolic landscapes, this fully ecological, geothermically heated passive house, designed for a young and growing family with a limited budget, is constructed using a prefabricated straw structure (Ecococon).