YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney ’s practice combines the disciplines of craft and design, resulting in a varied output of work, including illustrative photography and public sculpture commissions. 
  • Julian Watts

    Julian Watts

    Julian Watts combines traditional wood carving techniques with an experimental sculptural approach to explore the formal and conceptual intersections between the human body, the landscape, and the functional objects that we interact with everyday.
  • Zhu Ohmu

    Zhu Ohmu

    Zhu Ohmu work investigates the resurgence of the handmade and the ethics of slow practices amid a contemporary culture of mass production. At the same time, her work explores the conversation between nature, traditional crafts and emerging technologies.
  • Klára Hosnedlová

    Klára Hosnedlová

    Klára Hosnedlová’s work explores historical sentiments as they crystallize in modern and contemporary design and architecture. Her sculptures and environments are indebted to Eastern European histories and the past collective mythologies.   
  • Joris Kuipers

    Joris Kuipers

    Joris Kuipers’worlds of colour are constructed out of myriads of dots and stains of pure pigments, merging into colourful clouds when observed from some distance. 
  • Mary Button Durell

    Mary Button Durell

    Mary Button Durell, a San Francisco based artist, creates translucent and abstract sculptures using only a single material which is handmade by layering sheets of tracing paper and wheat paste.
  • Yulia & Marat

    Yulia & Marat

    The core of Yulia and Marat's work is experimentation with porcelain, combined with concrete and other media.
  • Agnès Debizet

    Agnès Debizet

    Available in a variety of formats, but always on a human scale, Agnès Debizet dreamy, curvaceous creations are halfway between decoration and furniture.
  • Alain Mailland

    Alain Mailland

    Alain Mailland works and sculpts since 20 years rare and precious woods from the Midi of France to create fine sculptures of vegetal and marine appearances. His work is based on the beauty and characteristics of each wood.
  • Thaddeus Mosley

    Thaddeus Mosley

    Exclusively using a mallet and chisel, Thaddeus Mosley reworks these salvaged pieces of timber into his signature biomorphic forms through a largely intuitive and improvisational process.
  • Diana Al-Hadid

    Diana Al-Hadid

    With a practice spanning sculpture, wall reliefs, and works on paper, Diana Al-Hadid weaves together enigmatic narratives that draw inspiration from both ancient and modern civilizations.
  • Olivia Cognet

    Olivia Cognet

    Infusing a modern take on the great tradition of decorative arts,Olivia Cognet works are both functional and powerfully evocative.
  • Diana Orving

    Diana Orving

    Through her art, Diana Orving seeks to express and comprehend states of mind, relationships, and mental and physical processes through form and movement.
  • Hanna Heino

    Hanna Heino

    Through her art, Hanna Heino aims to form the inner landscape visible and express the multifaceted layers of joy that freedom of creating and nature bring.
  • Adriana Menunie

    Adriana Menunie

    It is essential for Adriana that everyone can grasp through touch the different textures of her works that she readily describes as "textile paintings".