Arent Pyke作品 |  Treetop House,精致的奢华感 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 |  Treetop House,精致的奢华感

      The diversity of stone and felt, wood and color materials are combined together, becoming a harmonious element of this contemporary penthouse. Providing exquisite luxury, tactility, warmth and tidiness, emphasizing space harmony, color and detail.
      As a large number of light pours into the apartment from full-height windows and skylights, it is crucial to create humanized dining, leisure and entertainment areas. Neat and seemingly redundant joinery is warm and invites thanks for using touch to finish. Memorial stone island defines the kitchen to respond directly to the short of customers, with highly modern life experience.
      At the same time, color adds complexity to the palette, while details are refined and highly tactile. Custom brass handles were developed in cooperation with Henry Wilson. The housekeeper's storeroom provides a wealth of hidden equipment, while beautiful workmanship provides a jewel-like interior. In the master bedroom, oak and felt lining provide a beautiful wearing experience in the step-in robe.
      Furniture, color and sculpture have been used to define space in an aesthetically cohesive whole. Contemporary purchasing and repackaging classic works provide high comfort for our customers. As always, lighting plays a double role, and carving pendants define the living space.


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