Arent Pyke作品 | Slipway House,瓦尔特·巴尔达的建筑曲线 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 | Slipway House,瓦尔特·巴尔达的建筑曲线

      Home is located on a cliff overlooking the central bay. it is characterized by iconic boats like the architectural curve of Walter Bahr da, arranged in a series of layers on steep slopes, and each layer has magnificent harbour scenery.
      We are responsible for the decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces, and we celebrate the honesty of its materials and echo the tone of eucalyptus and stone prevailing in the surrounding jungle.
      The big dining table echoes with the jungle background and the indoor environment lined with wood, while the carved Lindsay adelman branch pendant softens the rigorous architecture and adds poetry to the dining table.
      The color of shrubs is intertwined with warm brown and grayish brown soft furniture. The bedroom is lightly touched by soft transparent curtains to offset the concrete poured on the spot. Wall tone and carpet are used as materials of texture change in concrete tone.
      Similarly, color refers to shrubs and stones, and the dominant view of water and sky is to support rather than challenge.


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