Arent Pyke作品 | Pyrmont Apartment,皮勒莫公寓 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 | Pyrmont Apartment,皮勒莫公寓

      Creating a restored haven in this sun-filled apartment is an eclectic collection of furniture for a professional couple.
      Combining classic and custom design with modern aesthetics and authenticity, the family has changed. The customer has an open and curious response to the design process and is an extraordinary reward for what they believe the design provides.
      Custom joinery elements are conceived as having no common clues. Therefore, each piece of work is contemporary and is thought to be part of a collection for a period of time.
      A sculpture form and a charming tableaux brave interior. In addition, the apartments now offer plenty of opportunities to relax and recharge at home.


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