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Arent Pyke作品 | Lighthouse Apartment,不同的光线体验

       Arent Pyke从一个大型家庭缩小到一个拥有壮观海景的光线充足的公寓,我们的客户可以探索所有可能的定制设计和装饰。在去除原有20世纪70年代内饰的所有痕迹的同时,我们的首要任务是确保一个角色充满家中,故意放置元素以增加细节和物质美感。
      Arent Pyke zooms from a large family home to a light-filled apartment with spectacular sea views, and our customers can explore all possible custom designs and decorations.While removing all traces of the original 1970s interior, our first task is to ensure that a character is full of home and intentionally place elements to increase detail and material aesthetics.
      In order to cope with the unusual Y-shaped floor plan, it is necessary to adopt a strategy to pull light from all directions to create a series of different light experiences: moody, southward, and open to the east.
      Defining the kitchen, the design of custom-made original brass cabinets changes over time, while showing the warmth of the bright brass in high volume areas. In the bathroom, a custom dresser expresses a formal but somewhat quirky attitude towards classic bathroom cabinets.


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