Arent Pyke作品 | Double Bay Villa,双湾别墅 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 | Double Bay Villa,双湾别墅

      Reimagin this seaside home for this family of five, calling for a full rethinking of living space, updating kitchens and bathrooms, and completing the redesign of the central staircase.
       切换餐厅和休息区,现在把家人聚集在厨房,休息室和池畔的对话中。 在房屋的中心,宏伟的楼梯被重新塑造成一个视觉动感的,永久展开的三条线。
      Switch between the restaurant and the lounge area and now gather family in the kitchen, lounge and poolside conversations. In the center of the house, the grand staircase was reshaped into a visually dynamic, permanently unfolding three lines.
      From the entrance hall to the third floor suite, the nuances and details of the design are layered into stone and gray-green, timber flooring, sisal, large carpets and a large proportion of furniture in natural leather and linen.


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