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Arent Pyke作品 | Darling Point Penthouse,低调豪华的设计 

      The existing buildings in this two-story harbour apartment have been stripped of light, and these spaces can be completely remodelled and low-key luxury designs are introduced throughout the building to complement the iconic Sydney landscape.
      Effectively meditate on curves, shades and textures, the soft sculptured shapes of architectural elements (such as the curves of a new fireplace) complement the soft curves of furniture.
      We have chosen designs and decorative elements that can explore the surface and texture aesthetics. The kitchen splash guard, travertine base and beautiful parquet flooring are all different in texture, and they all have the same subtle richness as the Minotti carpets.
      Entertainment is our world-class small customer, a priority for spacious living and dining spaces, offset by a perfect breakfast nook and a quiet bedroom retreat.


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