Arent Pyke作品 | Bellevue Hill House,呈现生活本质 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 | Bellevue Hill House,呈现生活本质

      In this spacious home, the needs of family members can be satisfied with all kinds of comfort. From relaxing poolside lounges to cosy bedrooms to formal and family dining areas, this luxurious home is undoubtedly a family home.
      It is imperative that, although furniture, carpets, articles, and custom elements are all individually and collectively exquisite, it should not be understood as an open "designer."
      Generous carpets form the lounge and dining area. The furniture of the entire family has the combined advantages of sculpture form and luxury and comfort. Creating a sense of place, the warm and soft material palette of stone and wood makes the decoration more free in form, color and texture.
      Custom cabinets, such as the redecoration of fireplaces, and decorations, including objects and artwork, define and soften the harmonious flow of the interior, thus visually connecting the whole.


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