Arent Pyke作品 | Barcom Terrace,酒吧露台 _ 印际


Arent Pyke作品 | Barcom Terrace,酒吧露台

      Turning the Notre-Dame Cathedral of a traditional building into a family home, the decorative elements are defined through texture and materiality to create a fluid dialogue.
      The key to our decision is determined to preserve and strengthen our love for the house, while at the same time changing the scale of the space. Our initial strategy was to improve the spatial layout in order to guide the family life and circulate in two distinct areas: the traditional housing front area and the higher industrial area.
      Once established, we developed a visually flowing and connected comparative experience aesthetic. The result is a dialogue between the subject's classic period details and the open-plan kitchen dining and seating that the room clearly defines. Here, it exaggerates and expands the volume.
      For the traditional part, the original details such as high ceilings, gorgeous cornices, skirts, wooden windows, lace and large entrance halls are redefined and graced through warm grey and white palettes.
      With a refined and textured surface, we have enhanced the sense of contrast and supported all parts to feel the home in the building shell. Furniture and lighting are deliberately carved, each design brings a piece of color


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