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Arent&Pyke作品 | Slipway House

       Arent&Pyke对住宅空间,室内设计项目中,它坐落在悬崖上,俯瞰着中间的海湾,它的特色是标志性的小船,像沃尔特·巴达(Walter Barda)的建筑一样,在陡峭的斜坡上,层层叠叠,每一层都有壮丽的海港景色。我们负责装饰房屋的简约和高度现代的室内和室外空间,并呼应周围丛林中流行的桉树和石头的色调。
      Arent&Pyke on residential space, interior design projects, it is located on a cliff, overlooking the middle of the bay, it features an iconic boats, like Walter bada (Walter Barda) construction, on steep slopes, layer cascade folds, each layer has a magnificent harbour. We are responsible for the simple and highly modern interior and outdoor space of the house, echoing the popular eucalyptus and stone hues of the surrounding jungle.
       这张巨大的餐桌既呼应了丛林的设置,也呼应了木质内衬,而雕刻的林赛·阿德尔曼(Lindsey Adelman)在餐桌上的垂饰则软化了严谨的建筑风格,增添了一种诗意的元素。柔软的和包含了主要的休息室是一个很大的靛蓝手结地毯,这是进一步软化的浅灰色沙发。在温暖的褐色和灰褐色中,灌木的颜色再次与柔软的陈设交织在一起。卧室被轻轻触摸,柔软而透明窗帘抵消了浇筑混凝土的视觉效果。墙的色调和地毯在混凝土的色调中起着重要的作用。
      The large dining table echoes both the bushland setting and timber-lined interior, while the sculptural Lindsey Adelman ‘Branches’ pendant over the dining table softens the rigorous architecture and adds a poetic element. Softening and containing the primary lounge is a large indigo hand-knotted rug, which is further softened by the pale grey sofa. Colours of the bush are again interwoven with soft furnishings in warm browns and taupe. Bedrooms have been lightly touched with soft diaphanous drapes offsetting the site poured concrete. Wall tones and carpet are worked within the concrete hues as textural variations of materiality.
      Immersed in the landscaping, outdoor areas required easy adaption between private use and entertaining. Again the colours reference bush and stone, and water and sky dominant in the view is supported rather than challenged.


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