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Arent&Pyke作品 | Lighthouse Apartment

     Arent&Pyke on residential space, interior design projects, from a large house to a seaview apartment with light, our customers can explore a variety of possible customized design and decoration. While removing all traces of the original 1970s interior, our primary task is to ensure that there is an element full of elements that will add detail and material beauty to them. The continuation of the entire family brass detail brings warmth, touch and surprising elements that evolve over time.
      Responding to an unusual Y shaped floor plan required a strategy to pull light from all directions to create a range of shifting light experiences: moody and subtle to the south; bright and open to the east.
      Defining the kitchen, bespoke raw brass cabinetry has been designed to patina with time while revealing the warm beauty of bright brass in areas of high use. In the bathrooms, bespoke vanities express a formal but slightly quirky take on classic bathroom cabinetry.
      Key tonal shifts are delivered with fabrics and furnishing while the bold textural statement of Sisal flooring provides the frame. The whole is softened by the romance of linen drapes that shift from opaque solids to a glowing expanse as the sun sets.


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