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Arent&Pyke作品 | Curatorial House

       Arent&Pyke对住宅空间,室内设计项目中,通过与建筑师卢克·莫洛尼(Luke Moloney)的合作,重新设计并回归到这个经典的P&O家庭,该设计借鉴了上世纪30年代的风格,通过微妙的方式向好莱坞的魅力时代致敬,同时拉近了和上世纪80年代之间的差距。厨房搬迁到一楼的中心,并在休息室里设计了一个定制壁炉,把心交给家里。它与花园的接触也解决了一个新的阳台,保留了原有的建筑门和窗户,而不损害原有的建筑结构。
    Arent&Pyke on residential space, interior design projects, with the architect Luke moroni (Luke Moloney) cooperation, redesign and return to the classic P&O family, the style of the 1930 s, the design reference by subtle way to salute the glamour of Hollywood era, and Narrows the gap between and in the 1980 s. The kitchen is moved to the center of the ground floor, and a custom fireplace is designed in the lounge to give the heart to the home. Its contact with the garden also solves a new balcony, retaining the original building doors and Windows without compromising the original structure.
     The kitchen is now highly functional while seeming effortless. A large island of marble and a bespoke display cabinet, informed by the architecture of the house, provide a visual focus and act as dividing elements, with the pantry and working parts of the kitchen out of sight.
      As a curator of the family, the designer allows the change of art and not break the visual rhythm cut to black and white palette, rich legacy detail and volume as the foundation, the decoration and design details to bring sense of movement and vitality.


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