YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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  • Casa Manacá

    Casa Manacá

    Harmonious integration with the surroundings, harmony with nature, and functionality were premises for the Casa Manacá project, designed by the VAGA Arquitetura.
  • Wisteria House

    Wisteria House

    Located in a heritage conservation area, its airy new volume unfolds in a delicate manifestation of a brief.
  • Casa Mezcal

    Casa Mezcal

    Casa Mezcal is a captivating private residence in the heart of vibrant La Condesa Neighborhood in Mexico City. This 400㎡ property, housed in a former mezcal tasting facility, combines architecture, nature, design, andcraftsmanship in perfect harmony.
  • Haras HCN

    Haras HCN

    The modernity of cement goes well with the more traditional ceramic tiles and with wood and black metalwork, resulting in a work that speaks to the pre-existences and the place where it is located.
  • Monitor’s Rest

    Monitor’s Rest

    Emerging on a monolithic plinth from the craggy slopes of Park City, Utah, the 18,000-square-foot home offers moments of respite for an active, outdoors-oriented family.
  • Manuel Vargas Izquierdo Stadium & High-Performance Sports Center

    Manuel Vargas Izquierdo Stadium & High-Performance Sports Center

    With the aim of revitalizing public life in Jalpa de Méndez (Tabasco), an urban master plan was designed by CCA for the Secretariat of Agrarian.
  • Copas House

    Copas House

    Located in Valle de Bravo, Copas is a project born from the understanding and respect for the nature that inhabits the place. Its main intention was to create an open upper floor that connects directly with the surrounding treetops, elements that give the essence to the project and create the atmospheres and views throughout the house.
  • Maison Bordeaux-Le Pecq

    Maison Bordeaux-Le Pecq

    In the 1960s, Claude Parent, one of France's most significant architects, created a revolutionary masterpiece in a remote forest in Normandy.
  • Hood Cliff Retreat

    Hood Cliff Retreat

    A series of family cabins hidden in the forest and overlooking Washington's Hood Canal, the Hood Cliff Retreat is located on a 1.13-acre site atop a bluff on a wooded site on the western shore of Hood Canal in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Sabino 10

    Sabino 10

    Sabino 10 is a residence that redefines its spatial boundaries on a narrow plot by maximizing its views.
  • Casa Mika

    Casa Mika

    Located in the northwest of Mexico City and built with local materials, the Mika house is a two-story single-family residential project that is inhabited and lived through an internal courtyard.
  • EE.JAE


    I wished for the architecture, as the place where his fragments would be engraved, to be nothing, a state of absence.
  • Shi House

    Shi House

    The Shi House sits patiently on the slope of a ravine, awaiting each day for the sun to set behind the mountain. This project is comprised of a vertical element housing the stairs and some horizontal circulations, opting for a stone materiality to become, over time and weather, part of the mountain it nestles upon; and a horizontal white element accommodating the entirety of this house's program.
  • Flanders House

    Flanders House

    SAOTA has created a distinct presence in this modern building, creating a real and harmonious relationship with the surrounding natural environment, while creating a peaceful, welcoming and outgoing living environment for its occupants.
  • Madi House

    Madi House

    Madi House emerged as part of a retirement plan where the main idea focused on creating a rest house to share with the family that had all the comforts to gradually inhabit it to become a retirement house.