Archer作品 | Brighton Residence,轻盈的内部空间 _ 印际


Archer作品 | Brighton Residence,轻盈的内部空间

      This cabin, located in Brighton beach suburb, Melbourne, is hidden in a quiet road. it looks spacious, with light and ventilated internal space, full of natural light and abundant warmth.
      Cool white hue serves as a neutral coastal background for families, and allows blank canvas to fill the traveling artworks and decorative parts for owners who travel well.
       这个狭窄的地段多年来一直处于空置状态,因为它努力寻找一个愿意坚持它在房产周围的6个特许经营权的所有者,直到Thomas Archer的一个聪明的设计和渴望的新业主接受了挑战。
      This narrow section has been vacant for many years, because it tried to find an owner willing to stick to its six franchises around the property, until Thomas archer's smart design and eager new owner accepted the challenge.
      The high inclined ceiling in the living room provides the theme for the artist's kitchen which is easily ventilated, leads to the deck connecting the living room and swimming pool, and surrounds the wing of the main bedroom at the same time. Who doesn't want to jump out of bed and enter the swimming pool directly!


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