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Andre Fu新作 | Andaz Singapore,东南亚首家安仕达酒店

      2017年十月,凯悦酒店集团东南亚首家安达仕酒店新加坡安仕达 (Andaz Singapore) 开业。进一步巩固了安达仕品牌打造激动人心的本土体验,让客人尽情领略每个独特目的地的本土文化的使命。
      In October 2017, Andaz Singapore, the first Andhra Pradesh hotel in Southeast Asia, Hyatt Regency Hotels Group, opened. Further consolidate the ANDA brand to create an exciting local experience for guests to enjoy the unique cultural heritage of each unique destination mission.       Andaz Singapore位于新加坡滨海湾附近,甘榜格南、小印度和勿拉士巴沙文华区的十字路口,拥有充满店铺的小巷和大气色彩,质地和口味。旨在唤起人们对丰富的新加坡文化,激发客人通过新鲜的视角体验城市的氛围。
      Located at the crossroads of Marina Bay in Singapore, Kampong Glam, Little India and Bras Basah, Andaz Singapore features a full shop-side alley with atmospheric colors, textures and flavors. Aims to arouse people's richness of Singapore culture and inspire guests to experience the city's atmosphere through a fresh perspective.        酒店坐落于表面附有网状六角形窗户的两栋高耸入云的凹形塔楼双景坊 (DUO)。由设计北京 CCTV 总部和 Prada Epicenter旗舰店而知名的屡获殊荣的德国建筑师奥雷-舍人(Ole Scheeren) 设计,双景坊是一个综合开发项目,包含住宅、零售区、办公区和新加坡安达仕酒店。
      The hotel is located in DUO, a towering sunken tower with two hexagonal windows on the surface. Designed by Ole Scheeren, an award-winning German architect well-known for designing Beijing's CCTV headquarters and Prada Epicenter flagship store, Shuangjingfang is a mixed-use development that includes residential, retail, office and Singapore Andas Hotel.        著名的设计师AFSO的傅厚民(Andre Fu)以地方特色为设计灵感,致力于将酒店打造成包含新加坡都市精神的现代文化发现之地。Andre Fu考察了酒店周围丰富鲜活的环境和独特的社群风格,以打造梦幻般的通道,并将以地方特色为灵感的现代科技、装饰细节、精巧家具、艺术与结构融入酒店设计。
      Inspired by local specialties, Andre Fu, a renowned designer, AFSO, is dedicated to transforming the hotel into a modern cultural discovery that embraces Singapore's urban spirit. Andre Fu examines the rich, vibrant surroundings and unique community style surrounding the hotel to create fantastic access and to incorporate modern technology, decorative details, sophisticated furniture, art and architecture that are inspired by local features into the hotel's design.        酒店拥有包含26间套房在内的342间当代客房,采用暖色调和芥末色调的本地风格设计,设有木质瓷砖,通过落地窗可以一览城市迷人的景色。
      The hotel has 342 contemporary rooms, including 26 suites, designed in a local style with warm colors and mustard tones, with wooden tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views of the city.        酒店展示了一些著名的作品,包括巴西雕塑家安德烈-门德斯 (Andre Mendes) 色彩饱满的作品,以及新加坡当地艺术家艾哈迈德-阿布-巴卡尔 (Ahmad Abu Bakar)、纽约的菲律宾裔女性艺术家莫妮卡-德尔加多 (Monica Delgado) 和马来西亚艺术家 Fauzulyusri Mohd Yusof 的其它知名作品。
      The hotel shows some famous works including the colorful works of the Brazilian sculptor Andre Mendes, as well as Singaporean local artist Ahmad Abu Bakar, New York's Philippines Female artist Monica Delgado and Malaysian artist Fauzulyusri Mohd Yusof.        Sunroom酒吧和Andaz Lounge Hour酒吧全天免费供应茶点。 Mr Stork屋顶酒吧是客人享用多种饮品同时欣赏新加坡市中心的城市全景的好地方。而Alley on 25餐厅则以提升街头饮食为理念,供应本地小吃。
      The Sunroom Bar and the Andaz Lounge Hour offer free refreshments throughout the day. Mr Stork's rooftop bar is a great place to enjoy a wide selection of drinks while enjoying the panoramic city views of downtown Singapore. While Alley on 25 serves local snacks with the idea of ​​improving street food.


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