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Alexandra Kidd作品 | STANLEY AVENUE,美丽家园

       “我们正在缩小亚历克斯!” 我的神话般的老客户大喊大叫。事实上,新房子更大,需要彻底重建!由于他们日益增长的家庭,他们正在“升级”,并为他们的大家庭和孙子们创造了一个开放的门户政策的美丽家园。
      'We are downsizing Alex!' my fabulous long-standing clients yelled down the phone. In fact the new house was larger and required a complete rebuild! Due to their growing family they were 'upsizing' and creating a beautiful home with an open door policy for their extended family and grandchildren.
      They sold their previous home fully furnished so this time we started from scratch. There is not one detail of this impressive home that has not been considered and resolved with the utmost care, perfection and execution. It was a complete joy to work with this family again and to play a part in their new lives.


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