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Alexandra Kidd作品 | MOSMAN HOUSE,高层次的美学

      Mosman House showcases a strong, robust architectural character that cleverly expresses and celebrates its materiality.
      Our brief was to soften the interiors of this very strong, masculine, concrete structure, by adding warmth to a family home that was to be at once nurturing and casual with sophisticated undertones, but not pretentious or intimidating.
      There is no question that concrete is the hero of this project. Traditionally a finish that can feel cold, our response was to add layers of texture to soften the interior. We played with the contrasts of raw architectural elements and luxurious finishes, juxtaposing concrete and brass, timber and stone, leather and linen, ever-increasing our client’s emotional response to the spaces.
       最初来自墨尔本,我们客户的唯一规定是我们找到了Christopher Boots在她新家的某个地方点亮的理想场所!
      Originally from Melbourne, our clients’ only stipulation was that we find the perfect place for a Christopher Boots light somewhere in her new home!


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