Alexandra Kidd作品 | ONSLOW AVENUE,大胆的色彩 _ 印际


Alexandra Kidd作品 | ONSLOW AVENUE,大胆的色彩

      Our divine clients were recommended to us by family friends so the stakes were high!
      The brief was to design a suitable Sydney pied-à-terre that incorporated our clients classic aesthetic, had bold colour and whimsy but was intrinsically 'Sydney', as well as being suitable for their visiting young grandchildren.
      The original 1950's apartment has breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour but was in need of some desperate TLC having not been touched for many generations. Located a stone's throw from our design studio, we took great delight in visiting the site and watching each layer of the old apartment being stripped back to reveal little stories and lots of history.
      Our clients were very involved in the project and challenged us at every step to go brighter and bolder. We are so proud of the result and believe it is a true reflection of our clients' brief and personality.
      We look forward to them being our new neighbours and running into them in the hood for many years to come.  


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