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Alexander&Co作品 | Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera,简约个性

       肖恩康诺利在迪拜歌剧院是一个350人的餐厅和酒吧,外部庭院和空中花园为国际知名厨师肖恩康诺利。 这个项目是对规模,质地和海洋的探索。
      Sean Connolly at the Dubai Opera House is a 350-person restaurant and bar with an outside courtyard and sky garden for the internationally renowned chef Sean Connolly. This project is an exploration of scale, texture and ocean.
       该项目空间复杂,跨越2000平方米的迪拜歌剧院高层,并构成重大的建筑挑战。 利用普通材料获得不同寻常的成果,该项目围绕牡蛎壳的诗歌以及肖恩烹饪和野心的完整性展开。
      The complex space of the project spans 2,000 square meters of the top floors of the Dubai Opera House and constitutes a major architectural challenge. Utilizing ordinary materials for unusual results, the project unfolded around the oyster shell poetry and Shawn's cooking and ambition.


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