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Alain Carle作品 | Aesop店面,唤起对爵士乐的记忆

      建筑设计师Alain Carle使用了深绿色的绒面革和黄铜的细节,把这家店护肤品品牌伊索(Aesop)店面打造成感觉就像一个爵士俱乐部。
      Dark green suede and brass details were used by Alain Carle Architecte to make this store for skincare brand Aesop feel like a jazz club.       Alain Carle这家当地的公司在蒙特利尔的Petite Bourgogne设计了这家商店的内饰,位于该市西南部的一个街区,以其音乐场景而闻名。
      The local firm designed the interior for the store in Montreal's Petite Bourgogne – or Little Burgundy – a neighbourhood in the southwest of the city, historically known for its music scene.       这家商店结合深色,丰富和天然材料,让人联想到地下酒吧。店里所有的黄铜都是实心的黄铜,设计师加入了深绿色的合成绒面革,以供爵士俱乐部参考。
      With a combination of dark, rich and natural materials, the shop is evocative of a speakeasy.All of the brass used in the store is solid brass, and we added dark green synthetic suede for a reference to the jazz club.       店面的特色是大窗户,里面有对称的设计。白色橡木定制的橱柜以弯曲的形状包裹着空间,充当分隔物,并增加了商店的亲密感。
      The storefront features large windows, with inside revealing a symmetrical plan. White oak custom-made cabinetry wraps around the space in a curved shape, acting as a divider and adding intimacy to the store.       Aesop该品牌表示:“回想起私人俱乐部的感觉,太空轮和风就像一种管乐器的形状,唤起了一种绝对温暖和亲密的体验。”
      Recalling the feel of a private club, the space rounds and winds like the shapes of a wind instrument, evoking a decidedly warm and intimate experience.


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