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AKTA作品 | Vilnius,灰白黑的协调互补

      The request of our client was to create a cozy home with a feeling of spaciousness. We have proposed reservedly decorative approach where the dominant wood, white and grey colour tones were complemented with contrasting black elements.         新建的住宅位于安静的维尔纽斯市中心街道。因为客户对公寓本身的布局感到比较满意,所以只是稍微改变了一下。设计互换了电视机家具台和双人小沙发的地位,沙发放在了一个更舒适的地方。
      A new built residence is situated in a quiet Vilnius downtown street. As the client was satisfied with the existing layout of the apartment itself, it was only slightly altered. We have interchanged the position of TV set furniture and the loveseat sofa: the latter now stands in a more comfortable place.         此外,浴室的浴缸被更换为淋浴间。这个方案为壁橱的一体化洗衣机创造空间。重新布置浴室门后为洗漱室创造了一个独立的空间。
      Also the bathroom tub was replaced with a shower cubicle. This solution allowed to create space for closet integrated washing machine. After relocating the bathroom door we could form a separate niche for the wash basin cabin.        大厅和客厅的墙壁上挂着装饰性和功能性的面板:它们保持连续性的风格和过度空间。客厅墙上使用的面板由镶木地板和混凝土板制成。整个黑色图形条纹的框架创造装饰效果。简单而独特的餐桌灯光设计反映了公寓的整体风格。
      Hall and the living room walls were covered with panels that serve both decorative and functional purposes: they maintain the stylistic continuity and protect the walls of transitional spaces. The panels used on the living room walls were made of parquet planks and concrete sheets. The whole composition is framed with black graphic stripes that create decorative effects.Simple yet distinctive design of the dining table lighting reflects the overall style of the apartment.


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