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AKTA作品 | Apartment in Karaliauciaus street

      为了满足客户的需求,AKTA的设计师对平面图进行结构性改变。 大客厅空间被一件多功能家具隔开,增加了父母卧室的空间。
      Structural changes in the floor plan were required in order to accommodate the needs of the clients. The large living room space was separated by a piece of multifunctional furniture, creating space for the parents' bedroom.        卫生间移到了原来的储藏室的位置,为厨房创造了更大的独立空间。 同时餐厅也融合了原来厨房的空间。 在走廊里插入高大的壁橱来实现更大的储藏设施。
      The bathroom was moved to the former storage room, this way we created space for the kitchen. In the new setup, the dining room was moved to the former kitchen space. Tall closets were inserted in the hallway to create storage facilities.        公寓的生活区域以白色为主色调,辅以米灰色和丁香色。淡蓝色主要在儿童房兼书房。
      The living area of the apartment has got a moderately bleached oak color scheme, supplemented by gray and lilac combinations. Fresh blue tones dominate in the nursery and the bedroom.


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