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AKTA作品 | Gertrudos,现代格调的折衷主义

      Located in Kaunas Old Town, the original apartment had good bones but was in need of a significant contemporary upgrade. To modernise the apartment and open up the spaces, the design by AKTA divides the apartment into two seperate zones: a living space and a lounge area. The living room and bedrooms are separated by black walls that extend through the hallway and kitchen space.         材料也是设计师精心挑选的,为了打造决典型的现代风格,选择了一个折衷的色调。灰色的墙壁和混凝土地板为家居空间提供了背景,而不锈钢,灯芯绒面料和灰色毛毡等元素则为单色的空间提供了一些点辍。与任何小空间一样,内置的橱柜是必备的,设计师巧妙地整合在一起,创造出可以隐藏起来的空间,并且可以打开搁架来展示饰品,或者作为工作空间。
      Materials have also been thoughtfully chosen to add an eclectic yet decidedly modern style. Grey walls and concrete floor set the backdrop for the homes’ spaces, while elements such as stainless steel, corduroy fabrics and grey felt provide a foil to the monochrome foundations. As with any small space, built-in cabinetry is a must-have and here has been cleverly integrated to create spaces that can be hidden away and open shelving to display trinkets on or in one case act as a workspace.        如果家庭的结构尽可能精致和精简,那么家具就会带来一种色彩感和空间感。皇家蓝调和丰富的橙子为居住区添加了人物的流行元素,而粉红色与磨砂的黑色水龙头完美搭配。家具和物品也为这个空间增添了一层个性。
      If the structure of the home is as refined and streamlined as possible, then the furnishings introduce a sense of colour and play to the spaces. Royal blues and rich oranges add pops of character to the living area, while a blush pink works nicely with the matte black tapware and vanity. The furniture and objects also add a layer of personality to the space.        虽然灰色木地板是斯堪的纳维亚家庭典型的特点,但在这里这些元素与不锈钢材料和那些醒目的黑色墙壁等材料形成对比。
      While the use of grey felt and timber flooring might seem more typical of a Scandinavian home, here these elements have been contrasted with materials like stainless steel and those striking black walls to juxtapose without jarring.         这个公寓充分反映了业主的品味和身份。从简单的基调到专业的小空间设计,这间公寓充满了正确的音符。
      This apartment fully reflects the owner's taste and identity.From simple foundations to an expertly executed design for small spaces, this apartment hits all the right notes.


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