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André Fu作品 | Waldorf Astori Bangkok,东南亚第一家华尔道夫酒店

      曼谷华尔道夫酒店位于超豪华大楼Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard内,是东南亚第一家华尔道夫酒店。由MQDC泰国最值得信赖的开发商之一MQDC打造。Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard (MRB) 是一个精心打造的综合用途开发项目,包括住宅以及华尔道夫酒店。
      Located in the ultra-luxury building Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok is the first Waldorf Astoria hotel in Southeast Asia. Created by MQDC, one of MQDC's most trusted developers in Thailand. Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard (MRB) is a carefully crafted mixed-use development that includes residential and Waldorf Astoria hotels.       这栋242米高的60层大楼作为城市地标脱颖而出。建筑的设计灵感来自MQDC的品牌LOGO玉兰花,玉兰主题与建筑结构紧密结合,同时也是室内设计灵感的来源。整体酒店是典型的纯净和高度流动的形状,非常类似于玉兰花的轮廓。
      The 242-meter-high 60-story building stands out as a city landmark. The design of the building is inspired by MQDC's brand LOGO Magnolia. The Magnolia theme is closely integrated with the architectural structure and is also a source of inspiration for interior design. The overall hotel is typically pure and highly flowing in shape, very similar to the outline of magnolia.        酒店的公区以及客房由著名设计工作室AFSO的香港建筑师André Fu打造,顶层餐饮部分则由总部位于纽约的设计公司AvroKO设计。设计倾情推出现代气息浓郁的内部设计,超高空间、传统泰国元素、青铜装饰、充满灵性的细节等让人耳目一新。
      The hotel's public areas and rooms are created by Hong Kong architect André Fu, the famous design studio AFSO, and the top dining section is designed by New York-based design firm AvroKO. Designed with a modern interior design, the ultra-high space, traditional Thai elements, bronze decoration, and spiritual details are refreshing.        酒店的灵感来自于André Fu对泰国文化的许多手工艺方面的个人反思,同时将这些元素融入他的感受,唤起了华尔道夫的典型体验。在André Fu对泰国文化的诠释中,从建筑内的泰国舞蹈的轮廓到舞动。玻璃灯笼让人想起泰国著名的元宵节。同时也受到华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria)物业中标志性的装饰艺术图案的极大启发,然后将这些元素并置在酒店新的表现形式中。
      The hotel was inspired by André Fu's personal reflection on the many crafts of Thai culture, and incorporating these elements into his feelings evokes the typical experience of Waldorf. In André Fu's interpretation of Thai culture, from the outline of Thai dance in the building to dancing. Glass lanterns are reminiscent of the famous Lantern Festival in Thailand. It was also inspired by the iconic Art Deco motifs of the Waldorf Astoria property, which were then juxtaposed in the hotel's new expression.        在曼谷华尔道夫酒店,从大堂休息区到楼顶酒廊,均可欣赏勃勃生机的曼谷市区风光。酒店共有 171 间客房和套房,部分房型面积是曼谷市区酒店之最,大落地窗、优质设施服务让宾客感觉胜似家中。
      At the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, from the lobby lounge to the rooftop lounge, you can enjoy the vibrant downtown Bangkok. The hotel has a total of 171 rooms and suites, some of which are the best in downtown Bangkok. The large floor-to-ceiling windows and quality facilities make guests feel like home.        位于55层的Bull&Bear餐厅专门供应烤肉和海鲜; 56层的富有魅力的阁楼供应以传奇的Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book为灵感的鸡尾酒; 57层隐藏的香槟酒吧非常适合亲密交谈 - 所有这些都伴随着令人眼花缭乱的城市景观。
      The 55th-floor Bull&Bear restaurant specialises in grilled meats and seafood; the 56-story glamorous loft serves cocktails inspired by the legendary Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book; the 57-story hidden champagne bar is perfect for intimate conversations – all accompanied by A dazzling cityscape.        酒店水疗中心,设有私人护理室,适合个人或情侣,让宾客获得完美身心享受。在室外无边泳池畅游,或在酒店 16 层的健身中心锻炼,俯瞰曼谷繁荣市景。
      The hotel spa has a private treatment room for individuals or couples, so that guests can enjoy the perfect body and mind. Take a dip in the outdoor infinity pool or work out in the hotel’s 16th-floor fitness center overlooking Bangkok’s thriving city.        André Fu认为创造热情好客的理念是为人们设计一个前提,舒适感也是关键。他始终相信创造整体精神的体验 - 这是多个元素的层次结合,以唤起一种体验感。
      André Fu believes that the idea of ​​creating hospitality is to design a premise for people, and comfort is also key. He always believes in the experience of creating a whole spirit - this is a combination of layers of elements to evoke a sense of experience.


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