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Achille Salvagni作品 | Tuhura,2018迪拜顶尖概念游艇

      Tuhura, a derivation of the Maori verb meaning to discover, to explore and now, the name of the latest project from line-breaking shipyard, Oceanco. Launched earlier this week at The Dubai International Boat Show, the 115m concept marks the next possibility in the builder’s collaboration with the exterior designers behind rule-breaking, Jubilee.      “Tuhura源于一个简单的想法,”Igor Lobanov解释道,“我们的想法是采用一种自然的形态,类似于最早的独木舟式的飞行器,并使用现代技术将其扩大到更大的范围。”然而,尽管设计师谦虚的评价,这些效果图看起来一点也不简单。
      “Our Tuhura is a simple idea,” explains Igor Lobanov, “The thought was to take a natural shape similar to those seen in the earliest canoe-type craft and augment it multifold to a larger scale, using modern technology.” However, despite the designer’s humble comments, the renderings appear anything but ‘simple’.       与以往任何时候都不同的是,Tuhura的线条可能模糊地让人联想起早期的波利尼西亚独木舟和当地的原生水,但她离原始状态还有很长一段路要走。
      Unlike anything ever seen before, Tuhura’s lines may be vaguely reminiscent of early Polynesian canoes and indigenous water-solutions, but she’s a long way from primal.        在新旧的融合中,Tuhura的曲线是热情而温暖的。我们经常在未来的外观上看到的清晰流畅的线条在这里是空白的,代替它们的是舒缓的曲线,如丝绸般光滑,在她平静的内饰中,也有超时尚的设计师Achille Salvagni的身影。
      In a fusion of old and a lot of new, her curves are welcoming and warm. The sharp and slick lines we often see on futuristic exteriors are vacant here, but in their place are soothing curvatures, as smooth as silk and replicated in her calm interiors by ultra-chic, Rome designer, Achille Salvagni.       室内设计的主要灵感来自于东亚和太平洋岛屿。 Achille Salvagni将精致的室内设计称为“柚木的生机”—地板、墙壁、天花板,包括用金属和天然青铜制成的榻榻米地板。
      The main inspiration for the interior design is East Asia and the Pacific islands. Achille Salvagni refers to the sophisticated interiors as a ‘brushed teak habitat’ – floors, walls, ceilings including thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze with tatami floors.       Tuhura是一个为充满活力的主人而设计的超级英雄,然而,永恒的和平与平静感是主要的特征,这种柔软性和动态性反映在原始有机形状的谦逊优雅和感性之中。
      Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics,This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.       Lobanov精湛的外观设计与内饰配合得天衣无缝,从而使游艇可以设计成任意尺寸,从250英寸到400英尺长度。 Tuhura的船体和推进系统是与BMT合作开发的。纯粹的独木舟形式,导致一个自然有效的船体具有低的整体阻力,良好的耐波性和卓越的可操作性。
      Lobanov’s masterful exterior design works well with the interior and is inherently flexible so that the yacht can be designed in any size from 250-400ft in length. Tuhura’s hull and propulsion system have been developed in collaboration with BMT. The pure simplicity of the canoe form leads to a naturally efficient hull with low overall resistance, good seakeeping and excellent maneuverability.        在整个设计过程中,创新和尖端技术是显而易见的。船体被设计成多个水平的窗户,利用由一系列点组成的先进玻璃技术,使内部视野完全透明,而从外部看,窗户与船体呈现相同的颜色和外观。
      Innovation and cutting-edge technology is evident throughout the design. The hull has been conceived with multiple horizontal windows, utilizing an advanced glass technology that consists of a series of dots, allowing the view from within to be completely transparent, while from the exterior, the windows appear the same color as the hull, disguising their appearance.


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