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Achille Salvagni 作品 | Central Park,与自然美景对话

      当一个长岛夫妇想在这个城市找到一个小房子时,他们转向了意大利建筑师和设计师Achille Salvagni。这是他在美国的第一个完整的项目,并带来了明显的欧洲风格。
      When a Long Island couple wanted a pied-à-terre in the city they turned to Italian architect and designer Achille Salvagni. This was his first full project in the United States, and to it he brought a distinctly European flair.       “我在罗马开始了自己的职业生涯,但是我也在瑞典工作过,受到像阿尔瓦·阿尔托(Alvar Aalto)这样的人所使用的有机设计和自然形状的影响。 Salvagni继续说:“使用天然形状真的是我的灵魂”。
      "I started my career in Rome, but I also worked in Sweden and was influenced by the organic design and natural shapes used by people like Alvar Aalto." Salvagni continues, "Using natural shapes is really in my DNA."        这个大约1500平方英尺的公寓位于第五大道,面向中央公园。 “令人惊叹的景色真的是这里的亮点,它真正体现了格言:位置、环境、视野。 Salvagni补充说:“重要的是在室外呼应自然之美,室内有美丽的纹理和形状。”
      The roughly 1,500-square-foot apartment is on Fifth Avenue facing Central Park. "The amazing view is really the trophy here, it truly exemplifies the adage: location, location, location." Salvagni adds, "It was important to echo the natural beauty outside, with beautiful textures and shapes inside."       Salvagni创建公寓的建筑布局有三个主要的目的地可从主要的门厅进入。 “在客厅里,左边的厨房入口和右边的门厅之间创造了平衡,我用黑暗的线条把所有的空间连接起来。三个主要区域有机地流动:“夜”区包括主卧室,浴室和壁橱;生活区连接到一个可以用作客人卧室的书房;而厨房和用餐区是一个开放的房间,可以把视线引伸到整个空间的中心。
      The architectural layout of the apartment, which Salvagni created, has three main destinations accessible from a main foyer area. "I created balance in the living room, between the entrance to the kitchen on the left and the foyer on the right, and I framed the connections between all the spaces with dark lines." The three main areas flow organically: The "night" area includes the master bedroom, bath, and closet; the living area connects to a den that can be used as a guest bedroom; and the kitchen and dining area is an open room that allows the view to take center stage.       家具和配色方案营造了一个轻松的环境,呼应客户的潇洒和态度。 “女主人柔和色调的穿着,围巾,鞋子或手提包上色鲜艳,我在设计细节上也是如此,比如客厅里的柿子枕头,红色在艺术品中,在卧室的床单颜色。“他补充说,“床看起来像蒙德里安。”照明和饰品激发了他为Maison Gerard设计的第一个系列。”
      The furnishings and color scheme create a relaxing environment, one that echoes the chicness and attitudes of the clients. "The lady of the house dresses in a calming and soft palette, with a dash of vibrant color in a scarf, shoes, or clutch. I did the same in the design details such as the persimmon pillows in the living room, pops of red in artworks, and the colors of the linens in the bedroom." He adds, "The bed looks like a Mondrian." The lighting and accessories inspired his first collection for Maison Gerard. "         Salvagni去了他的罗马老家,聘请了最好的工匠和石匠,从传统中汲取了灵感,与这些工匠一起把它变成了未来的新语言。 玛瑙和青铜制成的圆锥形台灯,形状像树枝,有机线条起伏的镜子,诱惑弯曲的灯罩,都与窗外的中央公园自然美景对话。
      Salvagni went to Roman roots and hired the best craftsmen and stone workers. He took materials inspired by heritage and together with these artisans turned it into a new language for the future.Conical table lamps crafted of onyx and bronze with finials shaped like tree branches, mirrors that undulate with organic lines, lampshades that curve seductively, all create a dialogue with natural beauty of Central Park, just outside the windows.


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