疫情之后的这个春季,印际启动了“YIN 2023”评选的全球招募,以“美学、进化、自然”的三大主题为切入视角,多元面向的评判维度为迥异的作品类型提供了展示、发布、评选的机会,同时借助平台的审美标准与独到见地,展现来自不同国家、不同身份和不同领域的优秀设计师及其优质的设计作品。

In the spring after the epidemic era, Yinjispace launches a global recruitment for the "YIN 2023" selection, taking the three main themes of "aesthetics, evolution, and nature" as the starting point, and providing opportunities for displaying, releasing, and selection of various work types through multifaceted evaluation forms. At the same time, using its aesthetic standards and unique insights, Yinjispace showcases excellent designers from different countries, identities, and areas, as well as their high-quality creative works.


There are no restrictions on countries, regions and ages;


Entries are only for projects completed after January 1, 2023;Collection deadline for works on September 28th.


Entries are not limited to countries, regions, or categories.

所有符合要求的事务所及设计师将作品发送到 yin2023@yinjispace.com

All qualified firms and designers should send their submissions to yin2023@yinjispace.com


Special Judges