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403 Greenwich | 精心雕琢的极简住宅

      403 Greenwich位于翠贝卡西区历史街区,为翠贝卡最受追捧的街道提供了四个永恒,独特的住宅。 整栋公寓共9层,下面5层为三间复式公寓,上面4层则是顶层公寓。最低层的公寓还有一个655平方英尺(61平方米)的私人花园,从起居区通过玻璃门进入,庭院被砖砌的墙壁和竹子包围。
      Located in the historic district of Tribeca West, 403 Greenwich offers four timeless, unique homes for the most sought after streets in Tribeca. The entire apartment has 9 floors, the lower 5 floors are three penthouses and the 4th floor is the penthouse. The lowest level apartment also has a 655-square-foot (61-square-meter) private garden accessed from the living area through glass doors and the courtyard is surrounded by brick walls and bamboo.       403 Greenwich这个备受期待的精品新开发项目由着名建筑师Morris Adjmi设计,并以意大利建筑师Stefano Pasqualetti为特色的精致内饰。
      403 Greenwich This much-anticipated boutique new development was designed by renowned architect Morris Adjmi and features sophisticated interiors inspired by the Italian architect Stefano Pasqualetti.        Morris Adjmi在与意大利着名建筑师阿尔多·罗西(Aldo Rossi)进行为期13年的合作之后,Morris Adjmi于1997年在纽约市成立了这家公司。在这个坚实的基础上,致力于为每一个设计带来创新,意义和真实性。
      Morris Adjmi founded the company in New York City in 1997 after a 13-year partnership with the renowned Italian architect Aldo Rossi. On this solid foundation, we are committed to bringing innovation, meaning and authenticity to every design.         Stefano Pasqualetti是意大利建筑师兼摄影师,出生于意大利比萨。在 David Chipperfield建筑师事务所和纽约的Peter Marino 建筑师事务所工作之后成立了自己的公司。他的设计理念是基于工艺和材料,轻巧和透明。他的灵感不受任何趋势的影响,从而使他的工作永恒。
      Stefano Pasqualetti is an Italian architect and photographer born in Pisa, Italy. After David Chipperfield Architects and Peter Marino Architects in New York set up his own company. His design philosophy is based on craftsmanship and materials, lightweight and transparent. His inspiration is unaffected by any trend, leaving his work eternal.        Stefano Pasqualetti精巧地设计了顶楼公寓,用黑色的钢铁、大理石和橡木制成的具有雕塑感的楼梯置于整个住宅的中心,让两边的空间享有充足的日光和窗户的景色。精心雕琢的精致材料共同创造了一个舒适和永恒的完美居所。
      Stefano Pasqualetti's cleverly designed penthouse apartment, sculptured staircase made of black steel, marble and oak, is placed in the center of the house, giving plenty of daylight and window views to the space on both sides. Carefully crafted exquisite materials together create a perfect place for comfort and timelessness.        建筑外立面的大窗户打破了黑色的外观。每间复式公寓均采用简单的钢材,大理石和木材调色板,Pasqualetti将其描述为“舒适和永恒”。
      The large windows of the façade have broken the black look. Each duplex apartment features simple steel, marble and wood palette, which Pasqualetti describes as "comfortable and timeless."        每个公寓都有一个开放式的厨房,起居室和餐厅,三间卧室和浴室,自然采用落地窗照明,但布置略有不同。次卫的墙面包括较大的灰色仿石材瓷砖和精致的木制洗手柜相响应。一个双水槽石材洗手盆横跨主浴室,巨大的白色石材墙上标有垂直的拉槽,突显空间的质感。
      Each apartment has an open plan kitchen, living and dining room, three bedrooms and a bathroom, naturally lit with floor-to-ceiling windows, but with a slightly different layout. Secondary walls include large gray imitation stone tiles and delicate wooden washrooms to respond. A double-sink stone vanity spans the main bathroom, with a large vertical white-framed wall that highlights the texture of the space.


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