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1305 STUDIO作品 | 望湘怀想,上海South Memory餐厅

       作为一家经营了15年的餐饮企业,面对日益竞争的餐饮市场,决定进行全新升级。在过去的一年时间里,业主委托1305 Studio为其设计改造了5家店。
      The project is a renovation for a restaurant which has been in the business for the last 15 years. Facing invigorated competition, the owner decided to make a total transformation of the restaurant chain, and five have been commissioned to 1305 studio.        长宁龙之梦购物中心公共空间中地面流动的弧线作为导向设计,我们希望室内空间的内与外既有区分又能有某些联系。长宁龙之梦由于有三个不同的主入口,并分为红黄蓝三个颜色来区分三个主入口相应的中庭。我们的设计灵感也由此展开,原始平面特有的弧形也使得本次平面布置有别于以往的设计思维,新设计采用定制彩色地坪色彩叠加,达到地面整体统一融合的效果。流畅的图案使得原本枯燥的地面平面流畅自然散开、延续,成为本场设计的视觉焦点。
      Right inside Longemont Shopping Mall, the restaurant intends to be a visual and physical nexus of the orientation System by taking advantage of the visual flow guided by the floor pattern. Three colors, red, blue, and yellow direct the internal paths from three independent entrances. The path extends the existing curvature and then join together when the floor colors appear in the restaurant .        商场中每家店铺竭力花哨,所有餐饮店面外立面色彩纷杂,都希望从众多店铺中脱颖而出,让客户可以从很远的地方就可以看到,而我们在设计新店时力图通过简洁干净的外立面设计,以一种清朗的视觉效果呈现于整个商场之中。原有餐厅内部大面积窗户采光过于单调,而且户外的强光照射使得现在的室内空间较暗,室内外光比较大,为了整个空间的采光效果及视觉的舒适度,我们增加了轻盈的格栅,既达到适当的遮光,同时又烘托整个空间,与整场空间中使用的彩色纱染相互映衬。
      Most stores inside the mall are a fanfare to colorful embellishment, but the restaurant after renovation reveals a very simple texture. To balance the lighting quality between inside and out, the design added wood mullions outside a large horizontal window. They filter glare and provide a proper sun-break and calm the ambience of the interior.        看过照片的人多会好奇以为染纱是玻璃贴膜,所以在我看来,很多设计不能只看照片,而是去到实地现场才是最直观的感受。好与不好,一目了然。在今天看来,固定染纱的不锈钢过于笨重, 另外在施工过程中地面未能保护好,实际现场呈现的效果一定不是照片这般精致的。诚然,望湘园能做到今天15年,在这个餐饮时代大潮里求新求变是必然。那份对家乡味道的念想大概也是他们的一种坚持和坚守。
      People who have seen the pictures are curious to think that the dyed yarn is a glass film, so in my opinion, many designs can not only look at the photos, but go to the field to be the most intuitive feeling. Good and bad, at a glance. In today's view, the stainless steel with fixed dyed yarn is too bulky, and the ground fails to be protected during the construction process, and the effect of the actual scene is not so delicate as the picture. To be sure, wangxiang garden can achieve today 15 years, in this age of food and beverage in the tide of new change is inevitable. The thought of the taste of hometown is probably a kind of persistence and persistence.



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